Cuthbert of Castlehill: A View from Inverness

Colbert de Castlehill: La perspective d’Inverness

Cuthbert of Castlehill is little known in Inverness, but there are various sources available in Scotland which can help to shed light on his life and family. Using my local knowledge and expertise in the Highland and Scottish archives, I aim to present a paper highlighting the existing information in Scotland, to make this available to other researchers. A knowledge of the Cuthbert family, their standing in Scotland, and their religious background, can help to make sense of Cuthbert of Castlehill’s later decisions. Matching up the research on Cuthbert in France with contemporary Scottish and Highland research on the same time period gives new insights. Placing Cuthbert’s life in the context of the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 and its aftermath gives a different perspective, while viewing his choices in the French Revolution alongside his brother’s pro‐Slavery stance similarly opens up new areas for discussion. 

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