Comment cultiver les vertus sociables pendant le ‘’Grand Tour’’

How to cultivate sociable virtues during the Grand Tour Adam Smith’s educational plan for the Duke of Buccleuch and their Franco-Scottish connections

Hiroki UENO (Hitotsubashi University and Keio University)

Why Toulouse? The role played by Hume and Colbert de Castlehill in Adam Smith’ s choice
In his explanation of how to come up with the idea of this conference, Alain Alcouffe states that “While writing a book devoted to Adam Smith’s visit in Toulouse in 1764 and 1765 shortly to be published by Palgrave, my attention was drawn to the strange an d fascinating figure of Seignelay Colbert of Castlehill, born in Inverness in 1735, ed ucated at the Scots College of Paris from 1747 to 1762, who was Vicar General to Archb ishop Loménie de Brienne, in the diocese of Toulouse, from 1764 to 1781, from whence h e became Bishop of Rodez”. My encounter with Colbert de Castlehill is quite similar t o this, although my acquaintance with the figure through Smith is, I’m afraid, too re cent and my knowledge about him is too shallow at the moment to give a paper in front of French historians of the 18th century. At the current stage, my focus here would be on the importance of the French connections for the Scottish Enlightenment (including literati, not only common people and Jacobites) and the role played by the Scottish co mmunities in France–with a particular focus on Colbert de Castlehill–in Smith’s dec ision of visiting Toulouse, rather than on Colbert himself.

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